Youtaite Confessions
A place to confess about the wonderful youtaite in our YouTube community!

1. Please, no bashing. Constructive criticism is allowed, but no bashing. I don't want anyone feeling hurt from this blog. They will be deleted.
2. These are ANONYMOUS confessions.
3. If you are confessing about a certain youtaite, please leave their channel name if alias is included, 'cause some people have the same alias.
4. Picture and already made confessions are allowed.
5. Essays are not confessions. Please make them short and sweet.
6. Please DO NOT advertise other people. We are a confessions blog, not a blog to tell other people to go sub them now.

Closing the ask box for now because 130 confessions ;;;

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You can never really please anyone, and most people tend to have high standards. If your a singer, you better have a studio mic and a voice that can hit every note. If your a mixer, you better have your degree in audio engineering. If your an artist/animator, you better be the next Van Gogh and work for Pixar. It’s amazing how one hobby can turn into something so unrealistic.”

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in response to the confession about wanting fame… I’d say the reason why alot of confessions are like that is because of what fame does to people. When I first started out, I was really good friends with two youtaites. none of us were popular, but after one started getting famous, she stopped talking to me. When I asked her what happened to our friendship, she ignored me. If you want to become famous, so be it. But don’t shun other people, the people you started with, because of it.

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